Monday, September 11, 2017

NGV excursion to Fed square

Last week, many of the students went to the city by train to see the Melbourne NGV art gallery at the Ian Potter centre.
There are so many beautiful old paintings there. We walked through the large galleries to see early Australian work by famous artists.

This is a a marble statue in front of Fred McCubbin's painting of 'The Pioneers'.

Earl Australian paintings in the art gallery

Aboriginal dot paintings, inspired by the desert and the great dream time story of the Wanampi tjukurpa.

Arakun dogs, dog sculptures, carved from wood

We visited the Block and the Royal arcades in Melbourne.

Lastly, some of us visited the State library.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Use Whereis dot com

Click on Get Directions
  1. In the start section: click in the where box and type your address-your street number, your street name and your suburb.
  2. In the end section: Click in the where box and type: Swinburne TAFE, 12 Norton Rd, Croydon.
  3. Click on the 'Get Directions' button
  4. You will see the map.
You will see the written directions on the left hand side.  
Is this the way you go to TAFE? 
What is the total travel distance? 
What is the travel time?

  1. Now click 'where' again, and type Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, vic
  2. Then type in the box below, Hosier La, Melbourne, Vic.

Do this for the other streets. (Try to use the copy and paste method)
Look at the street art locations.

  • Hosier and Rutledge Lane opposite Federation Square
  • Caledonian Lane off Little Bourke Street
  • Union Lane off Bourke Street Mall
  • Rear of 280 Queen Street in Finlay Avenue
  • 21 Degraves Street 
  • Cnr Flinders Lane and Cocker Alley 
  • 122 Palmerston Street, Carlton
  • Centre Place, between Collins Street and Flinders Lane
Highlight these on your map of the city of Melbourne. Use a highlighter.

Also, type Eureka Tower in the Southbank Precinct, Southbank, VIC
Get directions to Flinders St station, Melbourne, vic.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Australian Government and Law

Australian Citizenship and Information you should know about:
Interactive test

Success stories of Australian citizens

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Australian Government

This will be the focus of our lessons for the next three or four weeks. In October, after the school holidays, our class will be going to Parliament House for a tour through the building. After that we will be going to the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

I hope you will be able to join us on this excursion. It will open your eyes to understanding about the type of political system we have in Australia and how the law courts operate here.

Learning about democracy.
Here is a website to teach you a bit about the politicians who are in government today.
Click here:

3 levels of government -

Vic Parliament -

Vocab Glossary - new words to learn about government and Law.

Jane's Livebinder This is my list of lists. I will keep adding weblinks to this live binder site.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

More on Solar System

  Good morning to you all in 2Y.


Have a look at this website:    Solar System - Summary and History

When you click on the BLUE words, you can find lots of interesting facts and pictures about the Solar System.

Can you write some facts in the Facebook group please? (If you have not already) Perhaps the people who have already done this can help someone who needs to know how to do this. Thank you, Thawng, Vanpi, Stephen, Kim, Dung, Num.

A song "Flying from the sun to the stars, through the solar system of ours" Do this jigsaw puzzle then press 'start' and listen to the song and read along!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Now that the olympics is over -

Olympics closing ceremony

Usain Bolt's win in the mens relay and the 1oo metres sprint running race.

Is there a story you can tell? Please write about it on paper and give to Jane. Take 15 minutes of your time to think carefully about what to write. Look at some videos and then write something that interests you about looking at the olympics.

I look forward to reading your stories. You can write these in the past tense.

London 2012