Sunday, August 19, 2012

More on Solar System

  Good morning to you all in 2Y.


Have a look at this website:    Solar System - Summary and History

When you click on the BLUE words, you can find lots of interesting facts and pictures about the Solar System.

Can you write some facts in the Facebook group please? (If you have not already) Perhaps the people who have already done this can help someone who needs to know how to do this. Thank you, Thawng, Vanpi, Stephen, Kim, Dung, Num.

A song "Flying from the sun to the stars, through the solar system of ours" Do this jigsaw puzzle then press 'start' and listen to the song and read along!


  1. Hello,
    We are a Year 5 class and this term we are learning abou space. So far we have looked at the size of objects in space, features of the planets in our solar system, pahses of the moon, why we have seasons, space scientists and Earth's atmosphere. We will check out the website and song you have suggested. Thanks!
    from 5N

    1. Sorry I forgot to give you our blog address. Here it is: