Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our class are going to Scienceworks on August 31st, 2012. There are lots of things we need to know about before we go.
Like WHERE is it?
How do you get there? What time do we get there? What time do we have to leave?

What is Scienceworks? What will we see there?
Do I know anything about science already? What will I learn?
Will I have to do something there? What?
Can I bring anything? Lunch? Camera? Umbrella? Warm clothes? Good shoes for walking? Some money?
How will I know what they are saying? How can I prepare myself?

Here are some things you can watch on Youtube.

Some interesting movies on our solar system to watch are:
space animation

The Seasons
Some videos to watch:

Day and Night and Earth's Rotation 

 Walking on the moon  Pictures of the 1969 space landing on the moon with Song by The Police.

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